3 Voices in 3rd Species for Flute Mandolin and Bass

from by Synthetic Zen

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G minor (harmonic) for Bass guitar, Native American Wood Flute (6 hole, tuned to G minor), and Mandolin. Though only 60 seconds long, a LOT of rules and man hours went into this.

Assignment, to create a three voice piece using Fifth Species (Florid) Counterpoint rules. I also created my own Cantus Firmi using the following the rules:

Phrases 8 to 16 bars.
Primarily conjunct motion with only occasional leaps.
Single apex (or antapex) tone.
Avoid 2 successive leaps in same direction unless outlining triad.
Octave is largest leap.
Avoid tritone A4/d5 between F&B by flatting B.
Also, generally avoid using Bb too closely to B natural by separating them by three or more measures.
Avoid repeated figures.
Avoid sequences.
Avoid melody segments that outline a tritone A4/d5.
Total range of melody (per phrase) should rarely exceed octave and never exceed 10th.
After leap of 4 or more, step opposite then option to resume direction.

Then followed for the most part a tonal adaptation of of counterpoint first through fifth species for three voices rules according to both the Fux book and the instructors rules of the past 3 months.

In addition to having to compose this, had to perform as much of it as possible too. Been up for the last three days working on this, and several other finals. Will sleep well tonight. Phew!


from Zentastic 2012 to 2013, released April 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Synthetic Zen Spokane, Washington

Original & inspired music by Hawke.

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